The Case of the Drunken Beach Ho
                                                            A Semi-Fiction Novel
                                                                 By....  Peter Hill
                                                                    Chapter 1
                                                               Shackles & Chains

“Hillxxxx….Mr. Hillxxxx…”. I heard over the intercom. “Get your stuff and stand by the door you’re being released”. I
thought, “Cool, maybe my buddy Mr. “A” got me ROR’d. I get all my stuff together and head towards the secured door.
Some dude comes up and asks if he can have the playing cards. I replied “Ya sure I won’t need them anymore” and
handed him the cards just as the secured door is opened. “See ya all later” I said as I walked through the doorway,
hoping to God I wouldn’t be seeing any one in there again. An Officer meets me at the door and says “Take all your
stuff down to the end of the hall and leave it there.” Then it’s into the elevator again and down to the bottom floor we
go. I thought to myself, “Man, maybe this is all over now.”

        We get to the bottom floor and the Officer directs me to a holding cell and tells me to hang out here for a few
minutes. He walks away and does some paper work with the Officer sitting behind the glass enclosed desk. He
eventually motions for me to follow him. We walk down an extremely long hallway to another holding cell and he says
“wait here”. He tells me to come out and get into a van. The van seems to drive around the compound a bit and then
stops at another building to pick up another dude. We proceed to another building and we are told to get out of the
van. The Officer instructs us to walk up the ramp. I guess I didn’t listen very well because I took the shortest route
which was up some stairs. The Officer looks at me funny and I say “I’m sorry dude. Next time I’ll try and do better.” Of
course thinking to myself “there better not be a next time”.

       We enter a room with a tall desk in it and are told to sit and wait till they call our names. The other dude and I sit
there for a short time and they call my name. The one Officer at the tall desk checks my ID and tells me to go through
a door. I walk into a pretty good sized room with a bunch of, what appears to be, changing stalls. An Officer comes up
and nicely tells me that it is time to turn over my ID badge. I happily hand it to him. He then says “you can go over to
that window now, turn in your jail clothes and get your personal items back.” Oh no, I thought, I didn’t come in here with
anything but my underwear and my flip-flops. This is going to get a little weird. I walk up to the property window and the
man there says “I don’t have anything for you in property”. I reply “I know that sir”. He says “Well….. I guess you need
some clothes ay?” I reply “That would be nice.” He tells me to wait and he goes in the back and comes out with some
black pants and an orange polo shirt. He tells me to try these and see if they fit. I try them on and they seem to fit ok. I
said Ya….. that’s cool. He says “Okay then, you’re all set.” He points and tells me to go through another door. I go
through the door as instructed and I find myself in another room and very close to freedom. I can see the outside world
from here.

        A person at what seems to be a reception desk motions for me to enter a nearby room. I go into the room and an
Officer there tells me to take a seat. The Officer proceeds to inform me that I will be fitted with a GPS Monitor and an
Alcohol Monitor. He tells me that the GPS will sound an alarm if you go inside this red box as he points to a map with a
red box outlined on it. The red box looks to be about a quarter mile or so south of the bar I play at on the beach. He
then informs me that the Alcohol Monitor will go off if I take a drink. I thought to myself “Well that’s just great, my whole
business is centralized around alcohol.” He also informs me, if I tamper with them an alarm will go off. I kept thinking
that this is pretty extreme. This situation is really getting out of hand. If it wasn’t for the fact that these people are the
cops, I would be thinking that I was just kidnapped and being put in shackles. What’s next? Ya’ll going to send me off to
an internment camp? And who the hell is this Drunken’ Beach Ho? How in the hell does someone I don’t even know
have this much power over my God given freedom? I guess I will just deal with this for now and maybe some time in the
future it can all be reconciled somehow. The Officer straps the devices on to me, one on each ankle. Then he has me
watch a video and sign a bunch of papers. Great, I have no glasses to read with. I ask him “What evidence do you
people have against me?” He replied, “That’s not my department.” I thought to myself, “Now ain’t that just a quaint little
departmental way of structuring your organization.” There’s nothing like being around a species that have the luxury of
professing to know nothing and yet still are able to feed themselves somehow. Oh well. The papers are signed, the
instructions were given and the Shackles are on. The Officer hands me a bag with chargers and cables in it and tells
me I am free to go. “Yeah right” I thought “I’m not free to go where ever I want.” Im not free to have a beer with my
Audience, not free to have a simple little existence on an Island in the Gulf of Mexico. I have been through quite a bit of
crap in my life, more than some and less than others and all I desire after all the crap is to drink a beer, play my music
under a palm tree on an island in the Gulf of Mexico and wait for death to knock at my door. Did death knock at my
door that cool September night? No. Instead it was some Drunken’ Beach Ho.
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