I'm back
from my Road / British 'Ter.
It was a good 'Ter and I got to

Feel & see a lot. Life across the
pond ain't so different from here.

They go to work, hang out in
Pubs(Bars in.U.S.A.)
And basically
do what
most do. And enjoy my
"crazy entertainment".
     My drive up the East Coast
was pretty good but,
I did not get
to visit as many Ppl as planned,
as I had started out of town a day
later than scheduled. Hopefully
next time it will work out.
     Down US81 South was
different. I decided to not take
US95 South as going through the
city parts of
the north
East would beat up my vehicle
more than it was already, from

driving up that route. (I have
something rattling underneath
it's bugging the crap out of me.
Guess I should take a look at that
now that I'm back.)
The scenery
was nice, the trees, you could tell,
were anticipating the change in
temperature that is on it's way.
Can't remember what parts of the
Mountains I was in at any
particular time. But I felt my ears
pop several times.
Don't have
teeth so chewing gum was out of
the question. So a peeled Slim
Jim did the job. Yes... The
mountains were high and the view
was excellent. My vehicle loved
me when I went down hill.
       I'm gunna stop writing now
and see if I can find some pics.
We'll pick up this story later.
The JamDude.Com
Road Trip / British 'Ter
Road Trip / British 'Ter